Branding and web design for a Craft CMS web hosting company

Servd is a Craft CMS hosting service, I have worked with them from their start-up inception to articulate their service visually through branding, UX and UI design.

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Brand identity

Upon launch, Servd needed a brand identity that was equally professional and easy to work with. I created a look and feel around the idea of tessellating triangles with the aspiration that all aspects could be iterated and expanded upon in step with the scaling company.

A collage of images giving an overview of Servd's brand identity, featuring dark blue triangle backgrounds, a logomark constructed from tessalating triangles and other user interface elements utilising white and accents of vibrant light green.


The logo pairs the Servd ‘S’ with a sans-serif font called ABeeZee. The font was selected because it has the feel of monospace fonts used in comand-line interfaces.


Servd has two key aspects to it’s web presence, it’s outward facing marketing website, and it’s customer facing control panel.

The marketing website needed to fully showcase the service, convert customers and provide a home for the service’s blog and documentation.


The site has been iterated and expanded upon over time with the aim of finding better ways to articulate the service as we learn more about our users.

Recently, we created a ‘solutions’ section of the site that explains how each subset of our core user base could benefit from the service. These pages show how agencies, freelance developers and enterprise businesses can use Servd showcasing relevant user stories and experiences.

Design system

The user interface of both the marketing site and control panel are powered by an extensive design library, containing typographic styles, styling information, user interface elements, design tokens, iconography and an image creation tool. This library is continually refined and maintained.

Marketing and outreach

As a flourishing start-up, Servd continues to establish its presence across the web. This has lead to a variety of extensions requiring design, such as a targeted twitter advertising campaign and t-shirts.