Brand and web design for a digital agency

Under2 are a web agency specialising on speed optimisation, who wanted to refresh their brand identity, website and collateral to feel fresh and modern. Given the fast turn around required and the company’s expertise in all things web, the process was highly collaborative.

Agency: Under2

Rapid Brand Evolution

The agency were looking to evolve their existing branding in a way that could be implemented quickly and continually refined and expanded upon. With this in mind I gathered visual references and created rapid and rough logo and type experiments as a starting point.

Once these had been whittled down to a smaller number of options. I elaborated by creating number of look and feel experiments. With a final, more refined route put together based on the client’s preferences and feedback.


The new logo retains features of Under2’s previous logo, but with a new font, treatment and colour scheme.

Website design

Under2 sought a type-led portfolio site for their agency with a modern and clear grid. The resulting website uses a responsive layout based on columns, with a modular system and variable colour system.

Initially a simple website would be launched which would be later expanded into a more extensive portfolio site. I created a design system for the website which could cater to all future eventualities and be used as a basis for atomic design of new pages.

Light and Dark-mode

The site can be switched between dark and light modes and the flick of a switch. The highlight colour being picked specifically to provide adequate contrast over both light and dark text and backgrounds.