Pole Star Digital

Brand definition, visual direction and website design for an independent SEO company

PoleStar Digital are a digital marketing consultancy based in Manchester. I worked with them to develop and refine their brand identity ahead of UX and Visual design of a new website.

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Discovery workshop

Like many small companies, Pole Star had always put their work and client needs ahead of focusing on refining their visual presence. Over a number of years they had created a well meaning visual identity built around their values. But had long wanted to put proper time into developing this into a fully fledged look and feel for their website and company collateral.

To kick things off, I met with the agency and ran a workshop which delved into aspects of their company identity, purpose, brand definition and personality. We also shared visual, tone of voice and competitor references that we liked and disliked, and potential visual ideas.

I later presented back the findings of the workshop as a more formalised brand definition, and elaborated with visual mood-boards on the themes that were discussed, with the aim of finding visual hooks that could support Pole Star’s values as honest, hardworking and creating carefully crafted work.

Finally I worked up a site structure, modular wireframe and content plan, Which once aligned upon provided a shared understanding of technical scope and the content needed for the eventual site.

Brand identity

Influenced by the discussion of the workshop, I created a brand identity that sought to evolve Pole Star Digital’s existing identity. Retaining aspects that they liked and working them into a more cohesive and expansive look and feel.

The visual direction combines star constellations, map contours, the night sky and paper textures, these work together with a blue and yellow colour scheme to feel professional, yet full of approachable personality.


Appearing in the company’s logo from day one, ‘Gary the Bear’, a star constellation is one of the visual aspects that Pole Star wanted to hang on to.

Gary’s logo mark was refined to be more web-friendly and incorporate the updated brand direction and typeface.

Website design

I began to apply the new branding to the wireframe of the website.

Gary was brought to life on the homepage, his lines drawn out in the starry sky as the page loads.

This concept was then extended into a whole menagerie of animals, each which would go on to represent a different digital marketing service.

Modular page design

The modular system that had been wireframed served as a basis for all content pages, allowing for on-the-fly construction and editing of responsive page layouts.

Development handover

The site was handed over in a package, including a clickable demo, comprehensive style guide and mocked up examples of the key interactive elements.