Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Updating the design of Noel Gallagher's website to coincide with a new album campaign.

A Complete visual refresh

Noel Gallagher probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, he sought a new website to support the release of his new album 'Who Built The Moon' and act as a hub for his discography, videos and lyrics.

Alongside wanting to create a site to visually reflect the style of the album artwork, the site was also designed to be a source of Noel’s current activity. Giving a home to his recent tour dates, playlists, Instagram photos and tweets.

Agency: Retrofuzz

A socially driven site, pulling in live content from a number of different sources

A mobile friendly discography

With most of Noel's fans living on mobile, care was taken to ensure Noel's news, extensive back catalogue, video and photo archive looked fantastic on smaller screens.

Socially enriched and stream-ready content

Rather than simply listing Noel’s previous releases, lyrics streamable playlists and eCommerce links were added to allow fans to explore the music.