La Priest - Gene Machine

An experiemental virtual drum machine

Building a drum machine

To make his soon to be released album 'Gene'. La Priest built his own bespoke drum machine entitled 'The Gene Machine', which he used to create all the beats on the album. I designed a complimentary digital experience to launch the album online.

Client: Domino Recording Company

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Announcing the album and building pre-saves

The landing page of the site informs visitors of the upcoming album and invites them to connect via Spotify or email to get access to The Gene Machine.

The Gene Machine

Once a user is granted access, they are presented with the interface. Here they can turn on switches and dials to trigger and manipulate audio and visuals.

The site uses Webaudio API to enable the user to manipulate each individual audio stem, and apply distortion, EQ, delay and volume controls, whilst a visual experience is simultaneously generated based around the album imagery.