Jamie Lenman

Video direction and photography

Across 2022 I worked with musician Jamie Lenman as the sole video director for his ‘The Atheist’ album campaign. Creating a trio of music videos and accompanying press photography.

Having worked on numerous small projects for musical artists before, a huge ambition of mine has to always be to work with an artist (other than my own band) in a bigger art direction role across the entirety of a release campaign. It’s been a pleasure to have gotten the opportunity to do this and help to create a cohesive visual atmosphere to support Jamie’s record, complimenting the musical feel and other visual elements such as the album cover.

All videos were directed, shot, edited and graded by myself.

Talk Hard

Talk Hard is all about finding the strength to confidently speak up about how you feel.

Having gotten a sense of the warm melodic feel of the song, I came up with the idea of using a ‘tin can phone’ across the video to link a character (played by Amazi Hoops) to Jamie’s performance.

Lena Don't Leave Me

This song is an ode to Lena, Jamie’s wife and other half. With the sentiment of the song being so personal, Jamie already had a well-formed vision of each part of the video. My role was more about understanding and finding ways to capture that feeling.

It was shot on the hottest day of 2022 (incidentally the hottest day on record so far) in locations around Brighton.

Hospital Tree

The final single that has been released in the run up to the album is ‘Hospital Tree’. The song is about seeing a disheveled Christmas tree in a hospital, and the subtext behind someone taking the care and time to put up Christmas decorations inside such often-fraught surroundings as the NHS.

I hoped that by showing the trials and tribulations of a small Christmas tree’s journey, the video would go some way to reflect the themes that the song speaks about so eloquently.