Bear Grylls

The visual design of Bear Grylls’ online store, hosted on Shopify

Showcasing Bear's own product range

As part of a long-term process to transform and strengthen Bear Grylls’ digital presence and adventure brand (which you can read about here) Retrofuzz sought to bring Bear’s new product range onto his own website, integrating a new eCommerce store within his existing marketing site. I collaborated with them in creating the visual design of the eCommerce website, which is built on Shopify.

Agency: Retrofuzz

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Modular layouts

The product listing and product description pages have a variety of modular options at their disposal. Allowing content-rich pages to be assembled that educate and inspire users about product ranges in a way that is informative and visually appealing.

Capturing attention pre-launch

Ahead of the full launch of the eCommerce store, visitors were encouraged to register their interest via a holding page. Allowing an audience to be created who were anticipating the launch.