Autonomy is a fuzz-pop album, which I’ve written, recorded and produced
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“Autonomy is an excellent collection of no frills rock n roll that puts a modern spin on classic 90’s alternative swag.”

Custom Made Music

Autonomy is my debut album, which was recorded in flats, garages and rehearsal rooms across 2014.

Last year was a bit frantic, nothing was mediocre – times were either good or bad with these strange gaps in between. I filled these gaps with recording and playing music.

I was writing for my band when these different songs kept coming which were following a rougher kind of thread. After a while It seemed clear to me that they would become my album, so I kept them to myself.

Autonomy consists of alternative, fuzzy, angular stabs at pop songs. It’s rough, lo-fi and is entirely restricted in every way by my own abilities and equipment. The same goes for the artwork, video, release.. etc, it’s all me.

Listen and follow me if you’re the faintest bit intrigued. There will be much more to come.

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