WOWHACK – Disglow

Wowhack is a hack competition, running in tandem with the Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year it took place in the Spotify office in Gothenburg and I attended as part of the Retrofuzz team.

We turned up with the idea to create Disglow, a platform allowing people to create communal playlists which they can experience together, in perfect synchronisation.

My contribution to the idea (alongside design and front end) was the suggestion that we could make a giant 3d speaker if we could get lots of devices playing back a song in sync. Some workshop sessions with my fellow hackers, colleagues and our bosses arrived us at Disglow. The addition of a synchronised visual element, parties and the suggestion that we could hold an impromptu silent disco (or silent Disglow) at the festival giving us our starting point.

It sounds so simple (right?!), but this actually ended up being rather tricky. We did manage to design and build the core functionality of the app within the 26 hours of the hack and were able to demo a working prototype. A few extra hours would have allowed us to totally nail the synchronisation across mobile, and dress up the design of the app far more nicely. Some of my design contributions being lost in the sea of Git in our panic to merge each of our branches in time for the presentation.

We didn’t win :(, but I got to present our idea to a room full of clever people and press – a brilliant experience. Also having the chance to to talk to some industry people who had enthusiasm for Disglow. Getting to be nosey and look around the Spotify office was another highlight – picking up a few suggestions for our own one (fridge draws full of drink, yes please!).

We are currently in the process of getting the site looking a little more finished. You can have a look at some of the other hacks on offer from Wowhack here.

August 21, 2014 – 12:31 pm