The Importance of Digital Presence

Today I went to Manchester Met to give a talk to students on the importance of digital presence, as a student and beyond. I talked through my experiences of developing a social and web presence whilst at uni, and using this to create (and showcase) design driven by my interests.

I also elaborated on how people building a creative career can inspire interest from potential employers and collaborators, by creating and sharing content online which is a blend of both practice and personality. By using a portfolio for presenting finished work, alongside arguably more important unfinished streams of content (on a blog or as social) that serve to reveal the thought processes, inspiration and connections that lead to the finished work.

I’ll be writing all of this up properly in the next few weeks for a more focused blog post, but as a helpful thing – I thought I’d share the links to the sites and services that I mentioned in the talk, incase you were there and missed anything!

Tumblr (free!)
WordPress (free with custom URL / web host)
Blogger (free)

Squarespace (not free, but nice)
WordPress (free with custom URL / web host)

Web Hosts:
If you’re looking to use WordPress then you’d be better off with a web-host that offers one click installs of it.

I very much enjoyed the experience of speaking and having the opportunity to tell my story (hopefully in a way that resonates, having not graduated that long ago). If you’re reading this and have any questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

March 20, 2015 – 12:34 am