Oddly, I was able to be convinced by members of the Retrofuzz development team to join them on a 25 hour hack-a-thon at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Our idea was to create ‘Hold’ – a web application which would enable a user to play back content from different streaming services (soundcloud, deezer, spotify.. etc).

I churned out a design for it over a couple of hours and we got to work shortly after arriving at MOSI on the Saturday afternoon. Soon it became evident that doing any more design at that point would make things harder for everyone so I ended up building some of the front end and CSS for the site.

There was a lot of free food and a free bar, which closed much earlier than advertised making all of us very angry. However I continued working until about 2am, going back home to sleep for a few hours and getting back in time for breakfast. About two hours before the finish I realised it would be a good idea to start on the video that we needed to produce for the judging..

We only just managed to upload a low quality version of it for the deadline (with slow laptop rendering and upload speeds slowing us down), replacing it with a HD version shortly afterwards. In all of this confusion I ended up deleting the original video which consequently meant when they tried to play our video in the awards ceremony it wouldn’t play. I’d like to think it wasn’t that that prevented us from winning any of the categories that we entered, but I feel this embarrassment will stick with me for a while yet.

However we were finalists in two categories (missing out on £800 in Amazon vouchers and The coveted HackManchester trophy).

Here’s the video that we made. You can see the faux pas of the video not playing here too. I will seriously never live this one down.

October 27, 2013 – 10:44 pm