ARTCRANK Manchester

Photos 2 – 6 © Crankphoto

Two fridays ago,myself and the other designers at Retrofuzz were able to finally relax, after working hard designing posters for Artcranks’s event at 2022NQ, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Retrofuzz were also heavily involved in bringing Artcrank to Manchester and between us we all worked on the poster designs for the promotion of the event and teaser videos, using a disk wheel and bike to produce all of the artwork.

We also got involved with Print and Paste and were able to have a piece of the disk wheel-produced-art up as a billboard, during the run up to the exhibition – just off of Oxford Road in Manchester (I think it’s there for the rest of this month too).

Given all of the hard work from everyone involved; the Artcrank team, all of the artists and sponsors, the event was a massive success with a lot of the posters being sold and everyone having a great evening. Despite 2022 being incredibly warm! The posters were each sold for £30 with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

If you missed out on getting a poster, some of the remaining stock (including some of mine) will be appearing for sale in 2022NQ’s online shop over the next week or so. The exhibition is also still running until Saturday 3rd August if you want to see the full set in person.

July 26, 2013 – 3:53 pm