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Synaesthetic Part 2

The second part of my Art Direction Experiment is now live and in need of participants! I’m looking for willing people to watch a silent video and say what they think the soundtrack should be. You can pick any song, or use it as an…

Synaesthetic 2, Degree Show and Freelance beginnings

I’m very pleased to announce that Synaesthetic has been selected to be a part of Manchester Art Crawl – ‘Part of this year’s Not Part Of Festival acting as the visual art fringe event to the Manchester International Festival‘. It’s going to be part of…

Babel Fiche Submission

I finally got around to submitting an entry for Babel Fiche – a project to communicate ‘How we live now’ to future humans. Regular video formats degrade over time but this format lasts for at least 500 years, meaning that there will be a ‘time…

New Layout + Orchard

I’ve handed in all my degree work now so with my endless free time I set myself the task of giving the site a nice facelift, which is now complete. I wanted to re-gear myself towards doing some more web design, so as you will…

OWT Zine #6 – Differences

This month I’ve been lucky enough to have my work featured in OWT Creative‘s zine: Differences. The zine features a selection of work on the same theme, by creatives in the North West.

Music & Image

For the final project of my degree I’ve been working on various outcomes based on finding the connection between sound and image, so as a way of documenting my progress and making something that could (hopefully) stand on it’s own as a mini-project, I decided…


Future Everything Handmade: Digital | DIY | Craft

Aside from being lucky enough to be a part of the event myself, this Future Everything event showcased an array of different examples of digital DIY innovation. From 3D printers, to giant digital etch-a-sketches, to audrino workshops. It was really interesting to see what people…


I was lucky enough to be one of the students on our course given the opportunity to visit their Pentagram in London and be given portfolio feedback.


Founded by Patricia Finegan and Tony Brook in 1992, spin is a multi disciplinary design studio based in London. I was lucky enough to be one of the students on our course given the opportunity to visit their studio and be given portfolio feedback.

Future Everything – The Data Dimension Launch

Due to my Synaesthetic project’s involvement with Future Everything, I have got an artist’s pass – which gives me the same access to the festival, music events and conference that a delegate pass would do. I decided to head to the opening of ‘The Data…

Aneesh Kapoor – Flashback

This exhibition, currently being held at Manchester Art Gallery presents a selection of early and more recent works by British artist Aneesh Kapoor. Admitedly, I didn’t know who he was by name – but after doing a bit of background research for this write-up he’s…

Synaesthetic – Art Direction Experiment

I’m very pleased to announce that firstly after submitting my music mapping work to the Future Everything festival (who I had decided to make idents for as one of my project outcomes), my work has been selected to appear at their Handmade: Digital | DIY…

Music Mapping

Currently I’m producing a body of work based on music art direction for my final university 3rd year project. I’m focusing on trying to find the absolute connection between music and image.

Abram Games, by Naomi Games

Daughter of the influencial graphic designer Abram Games, Naomi Games came to give us a talk about his life and work.

North West Film Archive Workshop 2

I’ve been participating in a three week workshop with Sam Meech in which we’re editing existing footage from the North West Film archive. Today consisted in Sam showing us some features of editing software and how to Datamosh.

Russell W Hancock – Graphic Design & The Dotted Line

Russell came to talk to us foremost about starting a freelance career – encouaging us all by providing us with invaluable templates for invoices, quotes and terms & conditions, that we could take and use as we wish.

The Universal Sigh

This afternoon I went to get a copy of Radiohead’s publication for The King of Limbs ‘The Universal Sigh’ from these nice gentlemen (more photos after the jump).

Northern Digitals Event

Ben Holden (Cahoona), Adam Todd + Brendan Dawes (Magnetic North), Trevor Johnson, NoChintz, Chris Gaffey and Mark Jermyn (One69a) all talked about the things that inspire them. These were all ‘quick fire’ talks taking no longer than 10 minutes each. This all happened at the Deaf…

Manchester Design Symposium

This week I was lucky enough to win a ticket to the Manchester Design Symposium . The speakers were Si Scott, John L Walters (editor of Eye magazine), Bruno Maag, Jonathan Barnbrook and Tom Dorresteijn of Studio Dumbar. Questioning and discussing ‘the value of design’.